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Request The Content You Need!

Here at ExploreGate, we are very proud of our talented pool of industry experts, and of our Marketplace full of exciting and informative training video courses. However, we understand that our Marketplace might not have every piece of content needed to train and engage your staff, customers, and partners. In order to ensure that every user gets what they need, we came up with an unheard-of-before-now on demand content request service that allows our users to request any piece of content not currently in our Marketplace to be crowdsourced from our community of global experts. New content is sourced within a timely manner, and is thoroughly reviewed to ensure the highest of quality.

We Guarantee That...

Although we charge no extra cost for requesting content, we do require an active subscription before content can be used for training by the requester. If you are a new customer, upon requesting content a 14 day free trial plan will be activated for you during which you are welcome to try our LMS. In order to use the sourced content you requested you will be asked to upgrade to one of our paid training packages.

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Who can request content?

Any active customer using our Learning Management System (LMS) can request content to be used as part of their training curriculum.

What if I am not a customer yet? Can I request content?

Yes! Upon submitting the content request form a 14 day free trial account of our LMS will be opened for you. We will source the requested content. However, since content is provided as part of our LMS, we require an upgrade to one of our paid training packages in order to receive it.

Is there a cost attached to the content request?

No! We charge no extra cost for sourcing content, we just require a subscription to one of our training plans.

What kind of content can I request?

Our experts can create lectures on any generic topics required for your training curriculum ranging from technology to soft management skills to customer service and more.

How long does it take for content to be sourced once requested?

Once approved, content is sourced in typically 4-12 weeks.

How can I ensure that the content I requested will match the content I get?

We will do our best to make sure the presented content matches the requested content. We will allow updates during the creation process to ensure it is being created as desired.

Can I pick a specific lecturer to source my content?

We will certainly try to accommodate requests for content from specific lecturers, but cannot guarantee it. We can, however, guarantee that the content sourced will be of expert quality.

Will I be able to speak with the lecturer who is making my content during the process?

Yes, the customer will have the ability to see the outline of the content before it is created to ensure it fits the request that was made.

What if I am unhappy with the content provided?

Since there is no cost for requesting content, there is no obligation to use it.

Will this content be exclusively for me, or just created on my behalf and added to the general Marketplace?

All sourced content goes to our content Marketplace, but is created according to the specifications of the requester.

What if my request is not approved?

If your request is not approved for some reason we will work with you to create a request that can be accepted.