Uniseguros selects ExploreGate Interactive Training Platform

Uniseguros, a leading Panamanian insurance brokerage firm, Selects ExploreGate Interactive Training Platform

Rockville, MD (February 2015) –ExploreGate, a global provider of innovative interactive online training technologies, expands its business to Central America and announces today a new win to its customers list - Uniseguros, a leader in insurance brokerage and management firm in Central America.

Uniseguros, a 33 year old company whose winning philosophy is to put their customer service as first priority, recognizes the importance of training their team on the knowledge and skills needed for service in the many different branches of insurance. As a leader in adopting cutting edge technologies, Uniseguros was looking for an intuitive and robust platform, with the ability to support the transformation of the company’s vast knowledge into an online interactive user experience for its employees and partners.

ExploreGate’s cloud based technology, offering both the administration of personalized training programs and crowd sourced training content provides the users a unique interactive experience.

“ExploreGate’s platform will serve us to effectively train our new and existing employees and enhance their skills and productivity. We also consider leveraging it to reach out to our partners and even to our customers. We believe ExploreGate’s platform will definitely assist us in strengthening our ability to best address our customers’ needs” says Joey Homsany the CEO of Uniseguros. “Leveraging ExploreGate’s innovative method of critical knowledge delivery can only increase the confidence and trust of our customers in our offerings”.

“The Latin American market is one of the fastest growing markets for self paced e-learning, its 2013 revenues were estimated at $1.4 Billion and its annual growth is around 14.6%. We see many corporations riding this wave and replacing the costly instructor led training with a much more cost effective online training platform. ExploreGate is definitely positioned very well to increase its market share in Latin America with our multi language platform that already supports Spanish and Portuguese, our cutting edge technology and the intuitive nature of our user experience.” Says Yehuda Holtzman, ExploreGate’s CEO.


About Uniseguros

Uniseguros, a leader in the brokerage and administration of insurances has also extended into the fields of construction, reforestation, real estate management, banking and finance is located in the Republic of Panama. It has been characterized throughout its many years of existence for offering the best personalized service and support to its many customers. By ensuring the best insurance coverage for the least cost, Uniseguros has become the main reference for insurance brokerage to a wide range of customers in varied market segments.

About ExploreGate

ExploreGate (www.exploregate.com) utilizes text analysis to interactivate content for marketing, training and customer service corporate applications. ExploreGate’s patented technology is able to extract structured, intelligible content strings/playlists and provide interactive user interface, offering the user the ability to ask questions and receive answers in real time (machine interactivity) thus resulting in an engaging and satisfying user experience. With ExploreGate’s technology any organization can leverage its content to educate its employees with personalized and interactive training solution and engage by building brand awareness through credible and smart brand related stories or cut on your customer support cost with structured product and service information

As part of its Interactive training suite offers a complete ecosystem – one that provides an intuitive cloud-based platform for the administration of personalized training programs and a Content Hub of more than 2,000 free crowd-sourced expert video courses to use with it.

Founded in 2012, ExploreGate’s platform serves a growing number of customers worldwide, in industries including, satellite, finance, cellular , green energy , and retail.

Media contacts:

Orit Fredkof
VP Sales & Marketing
ExploreGate Ltd.
Tel: + 1-888-730-2053 (Toll-free from US and Canada)


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