Pivotel to distribute ExploreGate’s online training platform to its customers in South Africa

Pivotel, a leading provider of Business Solutions and integrator of ICT solutions has teamed with ExploreGate to offer their SaaS training platform to Pivotel customers.

Rockville, MD (Aug 5, 2014) – ExploreGate, a global provider of innovative learning technologies, expands its business to South Africa and announces today a  partnership with Pivotel for the  distribution of its online training platform in South Africa.

The proliferation of mobile and internet infrastructure in South Africa are driving the adoption of new technology-based training solutions for the ongoing improvement of education and skills.  Established in 2009, Pivotel, riding this tide, delivers a holistic range of business value-adding intelligent, converged Information & Communication Technology Solutions delivered primarily to clients in Shopping Centers, Retail Sector, banks, enterprises and Mixed Use Developments. Now Pivotel plans to expand this offering and present to its customers the advantages of ExploreGate’s web-based online training solution.

ExploreGate’s solution, combining the administration of personalized training programs and a free marketplace of crowd sourced training content suitable for various industries, will enable Pivotel’s customers an immediate training delivery  and regardless of logistical and geographical challenges.

“As we strive to enrich the personal business experience of our customers and contribute to their success, we definitely regard ExploreGate’s training solution as the missing piece of this puzzle. Training is a key component of any business success and been proven to affect the bottom line results and employee retention. Moreover, the ExploreGate online training software also functions as a powerful marketing tool, making it easier than ever to keep everyone from company employees, to clients and partners, constantly in the loop and up to date.” says Andreas Botha, the CEO of Pivotel,  

ExploreGate presents a creative business concept aimed at cutting training and content cost for businesses. By combining a cutting edge training delivery platform with a comprehensive crowd sourced Content Marketplace that already offers more than 1,500 free video courses on subjects as diverse as management and leadership to robotics and solar energy, ExploreGate is able to serve customers in variety of industries from retail to high technology companies. .

 “The South African market emerges as one of the quickly growing training markets however it is crucial to be able to offer a unique combination of innovation and cost effectiveness to thrive in this market’s challenging environment. We know that ExploreGate’s solution has what it takes to succeed in the South African demanding market as we did in other territories. Yet, having a strong partner that can quickly expose our solution to its many customers will definitely have an instrumental role in our expansion in South Africa. ” noted Yehuda Holtzman, the CEO of ExploreGate.



About ExploreGate

ExploreGate (www.exploregate.com) redefines the way a business, any business in any industry can acquire, share and retain knowledge. Whether sharing a knowledge base with employees, engaging customers or educating partners, ExploreGate’s cloud based technology offers a complete ecosystem – one that provides an intuitive cloud-based platform for the administration of personalized training programs and a free Marketplace of crowd-sourced expert content to use with it.

With more than 1,500 free video courses on various topics, ExploreGate customers can either choose from an array of already existing content, or request new training content to suit their needs anytime and at no additional cost. Founded in 2012, ExploreGate’s platform serves a growing number of customers worldwide, in industries from satellite to cellular to green energy to retail.


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