ORIGONE™ selects ExploreGate's online training platform to train their team

ExploreGate’s platform will provide training to ORIGONE™’s managers, instructors and operation managers

Rockville, MD (December 23, 2014) –ExploreGate, a global provider of innovative learning technologies, announces today a new win to its customers list, the French based ORIGONE™, that has an international reputation for its products and sustainable solutions for Telecommunication Operators, Law Enforcement Agencies, Governments in the domains of Network Interception solutions, Cyber-Intelligence, Cyber-Security, Business Intelligence Software Solutions, High Technology in Security Preventive Solutions, and Tailored Consulting Services in Security and Defense. Amongst existing accounts using those products and solutions are UBS, BT, Ministers of Defense in France, Ministers of Public Security in France and others.

ORIGONE™ employs a group of highly skilled professionals from several fields, working together as a team to provide its customers with unique approach of professional effective and sustainable value added services and solutions. ORIGONE™ handles international and complex projects that require a smooth flow of knowledge between its team members as well as keep them up to date on various technology topics related to their fields of expertise.

ORIGONE™ selected ExploreGate’s cloud based technology as it offers a combination of the ability to administer and deliver personalized training programs together with a free marketplace of high quality crowd sourced training content including various technology topics. In addition, ORIGONE™ will add the ExploreGate online training platform to its offering of value added services to its customers.

“As a company that is focused on high technology our challenge is to train international and very skilled employees. Effective training and knowledge sharing is crucial to preserve our competitive advantages and keep the team abreast of the latest technologies and innovations. With ExploreGate’s unique combination of online training and quality content, we can effectively train cross-functional groups, easily share new developments and best practices and maintain constant improvement of our team’s performance – all for the benefit of our customers” says The President of ORIGONE™, Jonathan Partouche.

ExploreGate combines a cutting edge training delivery platform with a comprehensive crowd sourced Content Marketplace that already offers more than 2,000 free video courses on subjects as diverse as management and leadership to robotics and solar energy. In addition, ExploreGate enables its customers to request the crowd sourcing of new training content for their specific needs.

“ExploreGate is tailored for businesses like ORIGONE™ that face a real challenge when it comes to training. Having international, cross-functional teams, which require its training anywhere and anytime, facing the need to thrive in a culture that is constantly measured by its ability to improve the bottom line results and achieve these goals within the limitation of time and budget constraints – these are exactly the type of hurdles we aim to resolve for our customers. Our flexible, innovative and intuitive platform together with its content offering and our SaaS business model are the ingredients that ensure our customers’ satisfaction”” noted Yehuda Holtzman, the CEO of ExploreGate.


About ExploreGate

ExploreGate (www.exploregate.com) redefines the way a business, any business in any industry can acquire, share and retain knowledge. Whether sharing a knowledge base with employees, engaging customers or educating partners, ExploreGate’s cloud based technology offers a complete ecosystem – one that provides an intuitive cloud-based platform for the administration of personalized training programs and a free Marketplace of crowd-sourced expert content to use with it.

With more than 2,000 free video courses on various topics, ExploreGate customers can either choose from an array of already existing content, or request new training content to suit their needs anytime and at no additional cost. Founded in 2012, ExploreGate’s platform serves a growing number of customers worldwide, in industries from satellite to cellular to green energy to retail.

About Origone

ORIGONE™ team provides complete and appropriate solutions of products and services that answer the needs of each and every client, with an emphasis on high quality service, rapid availability and complete responsibility. Our approach is to find the optimal balance between theory and practice and to deliver enterprise grade solutions. Our team members have the experience. With over a decade of successful projects in several countries worldwide and key industry alliances with in-depth technology, research and development backed-up with field experience. Our team ensures all project tasks are brought together seamlessly and guarantee successful completion of projects on schedule, taking control over every project aspect, from planning and developing through transportations and customs, ending with complete implementation and support.

Media contacts:

Orit Fredkof
VP Sales & Marketing
ExploreGate Ltd.
Tel: + 1-888-730-2053 (Toll-free from US and Canada)


Jonathan Partouche
President & CEO
Tel: +33-6-78-91-43-94 (France)


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