B.unite selects ExploreGate's training platform to provide online training to their Small and Medium Enterprises

ExploreGate’s platform will provide remote coaching to b.unite’s networks of SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises), which is expected to grow to 25,000 businesses within 3 years

Rockville, MD (September 30, 2014) –ExploreGate, a global provider of innovative learning technologies, expands its business to South Africa and announces today a new win to its customers list, the South African based b.unite, a vast network of sme's covering the full range of market segments.

Although SME’s in South Africa are estimated to constitute 50% of the total South African GDP they are quite often required to face sustainability challenges. B.unite was created as a means to connect the SME’s with a network of services that will facilitate trade and business to grow revenues by enhancing marketing and business skills.

ExploreGate’s cloud based technology, offering both the administration of personalized training programs and a free marketplace of crowd sourced training content, will provide b.unite with a platform that extends existing coaching services it provides to its members to one of an online format - expecting to serve 25,000 businesses within the next three years.

“When we were looking for a flexible and scalable online training solution yet one that will support our SME centric philosophy, ExploreGate’s training solution stood out from the rest in its differentiating technologies. We believe their training platform will definitely assist us in strengthening our connections with our members, and grow their business via timely knowledge delivery” says Gideon Robbertse, the CEO of b.unite.

ExploreGate combines a cutting edge training delivery platform with a comprehensive crowd sourced Content Marketplace that already offers more than 1,500 free video courses on subjects as diverse as management and leadership to robotics and solar energy. In addition, ExploreGate enables its customers to request the crowd sourcing of new training content for their specific needs.

“We believe the South African market represents unique opportunities to synergize our technology with a creative business concept and b.unite is a great example of that need. Our intuitive, customizable training solution that requires practically no integration, together with our game changing free Content Marketplace is just perfect for those quickly growing businesses looking to implement an easily scalable training platform within the limits of affordable budget” noted Yehuda Holtzman, the CEO of ExploreGate.


About ExploreGate

ExploreGate (www.exploregate.com) redefines the way a business, any business in any industry can acquire, share and retain knowledge. Whether sharing a knowledge base with employees, engaging customers or educating partners, ExploreGate’s cloud based technology offers a complete ecosystem – one that provides an intuitive cloud-based platform for the administration of personalized training programs and a free Marketplace of crowd-sourced expert content to use with it.

With more than 1,500 free video courses on various topics, ExploreGate customers can either choose from an array of already existing content, or request new training content to suit their needs anytime and at no additional cost. Founded in 2012, ExploreGate’s platform serves a growing number of customers worldwide, in industries from satellite to cellular to green energy to retail.

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Orit Fredkof
VP Sales & Marketing
ExploreGate Ltd.
Tel: + 1-888-730-2053 (Toll-free from US and Canada)


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