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Over 2,000 engaging video courses by today's leading experts, crowdsourced to bring you only the best on a variety of topics.

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Discover our seminars, an in-depth exploration into fascinating topics created by global industry experts, and found exclusively on our site.

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Become a Content Provider

Are you an expert with knowledge to share? Do you want to promote your skills while also creating a revenue source? Then join our community of lecturers today by submitting your own content.


What makes this Content Hub unique?

Not only do we crowdsource our Content Hub content from industry experts in various fields, we also allow users the ability to request content not currently in the library. In this way, any desired training material can be sourced upon request.

What can I access in the Content Hub?

Full access to the ExploreGate Content Hub is a standard feature of all our plans. Any of this content can be used in creating individualized training programs.

How do I find and manage my content?

Users can freely browse the Content Hub by subject, or enter search terms for the content desired. The system allows users to follow areas of interest or specific lecturers, and offers notifications when any new content relevant to the user is added to the site. It lets the user save favorites for easy referral, and track videos already viewed.

Is there a limit to how much content can be used in my programs?

There are no limits. As long as a subscription is active there is unlimited access to the Content Hub.

Is this the only content that can be used for the Learning Management System?

A company can use as much or as little content as they like from our Content Hub while also uploading their own material to the Private Zone of the LMS.

What if I have questions about a piece of content?

All content contributors can be contacted about the content they provide. Users are welcome to ask them questions directly via the Contact the Lecturer button on the viewing page.

Where does new content come from when requested?

All of our content is crowdsourced from industry experts and goes through a review process to make sure only the highest quality is submitted for use in our Content Hub. We go through the same process with any requested content ensuring that our users get the quality material they need.

Can Seminars be accessed through the Content Hub?

Seminars are not a part of the Content Hub and subscriptions can be purchased separately as premium content, or accessed through the Ultimate plan which provides unlimited access while a subscription is active.

Is there a limit to how much content can be uploaded to a system?

There are no limits on the amount of content that can be uploaded either from the Content Hub, or in the Private Zone.

Can only companies using the Learning Management System have access to this Content Hub?

While we provide our content Content Hub for use with out LMS, we also allow individuals to access it as well. Individual registration to our content Content Hub is free and a user can access the full range of content, follow topics of interest or specific lecturers, receive notifications for new relevant content, and have the same abilities to save favorites for easy referral, track videos already seen, and contact lecturers.