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The three best ways to get content for your training platform

Posted on Monday, December 14, 2015 By ExploreGate Team

The use of multimedia content has grown exponentially in the last several years becoming not just a helpful part of the training process, but an absolutely necessary one.
Many companies these days use learning management systems (LMS) to train their employees. However, an LMS is nothing more than an empty piece of software if there is no content to make it meaningful. So eventually when it comes to training new or existing employees, or any part of a commercial network it all comes down to the question of obtaining the relevant content.

Eight DOs and DON’Ts of Employee Training

Posted on Friday, August 15, 2014 By Diana Bourgeois

Often, employers hesitate to start a training program because they are unsure about the benefits of training employees. Many employers are plagued by the thought of investing company dollars into educating and training employees that might use their newfound skills to find another job. While this is always a possibility with a small percentage of employees, it can cost a company more to have employees that are unmotivated or untrained for their selected positions.

Six Tough Characteristics of Top Leaders

Posted on Sunday, July 27, 2014 By ExploreGate Team

Leadership is one of today’s power words that everyone uses and few people define. Perhaps, some of the reason for the lack of concrete definition is the variations of leadership styles within given industries or organizations. What is considered a dynamic leader in one company might not define the same type of leadership in another company.

How Much Does On the Job Training Really Cost You?

Posted on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 By Jonathan Finberg

Employee training is crucial to organizational success. Without the right tools and understanding of best practices, employees are forced to constantly reinvent the wheel. This of course results in poor productivity and low efficiency.
While the need for a strong training program is abundantly clear, many organizations still rely on the good old On the Job Training (OJT). However they do tend to overlook the inefficiencies and heavy cost of relying only on OJT

The Training Continuum - Top 5 Reasons Why Training is Important

Posted on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 By Sarah Friedman

A lot of money and effort is put into making sure new employees are adequately trained and assimilated into a new company, as well as making sure that existing employees are kept up to date with new and changing information. Whether it’s the older model of lecture based training, training programs done through a learning management system, or a combination of the two, companies shell out a lot of dough to make sure their staff members are thoroughly up to speed.

Top 5 Reasons Why eLearning is the Best Option

Posted on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 By Sarah Friedman

It is no wonder that in our internet driven world, eLearning has become the next big thing.
We use computers for everything else these days from simple communications to shopping adventures to finding out what is going on in every corner of the world. So why not use computers for learning new information also? If we can bring our conversations, and our shopping experiences, and our ability to keep up on the general happenings of life into a computer, then why not our classes and training courses as well?

At Your Request: Content on Demand

Posted on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 By Sarah Friedman

How often have you gone into a store and not found what you were looking for?
It happens pretty frequently to all of us. And how often have you gone up to the counter and had the option of requesting the item desired though it was not part of the general store inventory? Probably not very often! How much easier would life be if such requests could be made?

The MOST Important LMS Feature is a Content Marketplace

Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2014 By Sarah Friedman

I see a lot of blog posts and articles that cite what they believe the top 5 features of an LMS to be. For the most part the lists end up being about the same, no matter who is putting them out. . A good learning managements system should be:

Curate Your Learning Just Like Your Music

Posted on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 By Sarah Friedman

It used to be that many parts of life lacked the ability for personalization. Radio stations played set playlists, searches for information were done in books, and courses were taught according to a pre-assigned standard curriculum.