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Become a Content Provider

Are you an industry expert who wants to add knowledge to our content Marketplace? We invite those with expertise to join our community of lecturers by uploading video presentations to our Marketplace

With ExploreGate You Can:

  • Become an international corporate instructor in any industry
  • Create and build a community of fans and followers who benefit from your topic/s of expertise
  • Generate a revenue source
Follow these steps...
  • 1 Sign up (it's free) with ExploreGate and create a Lecturer's profile
  • 2 Upload your video, add description, title, and classification
  • 3 Video content is reviewed, confirmed and uploaded to our Content Marketplace
  • 4 Monitor your content statistics with our Lecturer's console


What is the benefit to uploading videos to ExploreGate?

The benefits are twofold. We provide a revenue source for our content contributors as well as a global promotional platform. Using ExploreGate means reaching out to industry professionals all over the world.

Who uses the ExploreGate platform?

We serve all types of businesses from one person operations to fortune 500 companies. By uploading content to our Marketplace a contributor is making their content available to a large base of content consumers.

How do I generate revenue?

We pay our lecturers 20% of the revenue that comes from their contributed content. Revenue is earned on a continuous basis based on how often the content is used. Our client base of business organizations utilize long term contracts to access our LMS. This necessitates a near constant usage of content leading to ongoing earning of revenue for our contributors.

When and how do I get paid?

Payments are made when revenues reach $100, or every three months. We make payments through Paypal according to our payment model which can be accessed in our lecturer user agreement.

What video topics can I upload?

We accept videos to support business activities. The following is a general, but not exclusive list: technology related, customer service, sales & marketing, project management, human resources, employee development, medical technology, food technology/agriculture, finance, and intellectual property. If you do not see a category for your content please categorize it in your description. If you are concerned that your video topic will not be accepted you are welcome to contact us before uploading.

When preparing a video, who is my target audience?

The target audience for your video is the entire network of any business using our learning management system. This includes customers, sales channels, business employees, and anyone else involved in an organization’s extended network.

What format of video can be uploaded?

We accept all standard video formats.

How long should a video lecture be?

The standard length is 10-30 minutes. If there is more than 30 minute of content, it can be broken up into different parts.

How is premium content different from a standard video lecture?

Our premium content is made up of seminars which are in depth investigations of particular topics that can be anywhere from 2-20 hours of aggregated content. User access to seminars requires an individual subscription to premium content, or registration to the Ultimate plan.

How do I create premium content?

Please contact us directly if you are interested in providing premium content.

How long does it take for my video to be approved?

Our approval process takes approximately 48 hours.

What happens if my video is not approved?

If a video is not approved we will provide feedback to the contributor.

Can I promote my business or product within the video lecture?

You are welcome to add company logos and reference material to your video lecture. However, other advertisement materials or activities will disqualify the video from being added to our Marketplace.

Will my contact information be listed?

Content providers can list any contact information they wish. If a provider chooses not to offer direct contact information, users can use a generic form to ask a lecturer questions though the lecturer profile.

Will my videos be accessible to the hearing impaired?

We are in the process of providing transcripts for most of our lectures making them accessible to the hearing impaired.

Can I upload a video not in English?


Will my video be translated into other languages?

We are happy to translate video transcripts based on market needs.